About Downtown Daily Bread

In the Harrisburg community, Downtown Daily Bread is the only one-stop, walk-in resource center for all hungry and homeless individuals. Downtown Daily Bread is a mission project of Pine Street Presbyterian Church, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Mission

For thirty-eight years, Downtown Daily Bread has been a gateway to basic human services for hundreds of homeless and hungry individuals in Harrisburg.

We offer a Soup Kitchen with weekday breakfasts and daily lunch meals; a Day Shelter with cots, computers, phones, and staff counselors; a winter season Night Shelter for men, and numerous assistance programs such as showers, lockers, mail delivery, laundry cards, vouchers for photo IDs, clothing, and other personal hygiene items. 

The video link to the left features longtime volunteer Craig Smith. His employer, Exelon Corporation, recognized his outstanding service and donated a generous grant to support our efforts. We are grateful for Craig and Exelon!

On An Average Day


People Eat Meals


People Come for Showers


People Visit the Day Shelter


People Pick Up Mail

Our Outcomes and Successes

Our approach has been successful, and demand for our programs has continued to surge. In 2020, the Soup Kitchen prepared and served 11,465 breakfasts and 34,218 lunches. On an average day, 25 people come for showers, 45 people pick up mail, and 60 people check in to receive assistance at the Day Shelter. From December 1 to March 31, up to 40 men find winter overnight shelter every evening.

We measure project results at individual and organizational levels. Coming in for a shower, clean clothes, a warm lunch, or resting on a dry cot are all examples of small yet significant individual successes. In broader, quantifiable terms, our staff tracks attendance, intake information, and benefits received for each client. This data helps us provide a comprehensive, personal approach for each client.  

We are keenly aware of the Black Lives Matter movement, and we embrace it in our outreach and compassion on a daily basis. At the same time, we acknowledge that there is still work to be done, and we pledge to continue our efforts so that Black people can flourish in our community.

Population Served

In Harrisburg, there are hundreds of individuals who live unsheltered. Reasons for homelessness vary from loss of employment to domestic violence, substance abuse, and/or mental illness. The common thread is a lack of supportive relationships with family or friends. Client demographics are 85% male; 8% U.S. veterans; and 55% Black.

Everyone in need is given help regardless of race, gender, beliefs, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Personal Stories


Every day at 8:00 a.m., Charles and his many bags wait outside for our doors to open. He has come to DDB for years – eating lunch in the Soup Kitchen, taking showers, and picking up his mail on weekdays. Best of all, he talks with DDB Staff and has gradually built a trusting relationship.

When our team asks him about replacing his broken glasses, Charles agrees. After some research, our team learns that a new pair is covered by his medical benefits and arranges a nearby appointment. His sight is clear again, no longer obstructed by tape holding his glasses together.


For the past two years, Eric, age 26, has come to DDB to sleep on a cot, charge his phone, grab a shower, and pick up his mail. He also comes frequently for breakfast and lunch in the Soup Kitchen. Eric has schizophrenia which is exacerbated by an addiction to alcohol and drugs. His voice is loud and attracts attention easily.

After a recent altercation with local police, Eric’s behavior has been more balanced. When he talks with staff, he expresses a growing self-awareness of his behavior. He has a new interest in working with a county caseworker. His next step is to get evaluated by a mental health professional. A current diagnosis and support from a caseworker will give him more options for assistance, therapy, and housing.


This month, Tracy is celebrating a personal milestone – sharing an apartment for more than five months. She is 37 years old and has come to Downtown Daily Bread off-and-on for ten years. Tracy struggles with a mental health disability and addiction. She is not connected to family or friends. We are her home base, and staff give her daily encouragement and structured assistance.

In early fall, she found a room for rent in a safe, nearby apartment. Eighty percent of her monthly income is spent on rent, and so Tracy continues to receive meals, essentials, and support at DDB. Her growing self-confidence shines brightly on every visit here.

Rachel and John

Rachel and John are always together, socializing with others in our Day Shelter. The lack of night shelters for couples means they sleep outdoors, even in the winter. DDB staff attempt to help the couple with their most basic needs, but now Rachel is pregnant with their first child.

It was her birthday last month, and John treated her to a plate of fries and wings. Thankfully, she receives prenatal care. Yet without proof of a home and ongoing baby essentials, it is unclear whether she will be able to provide for her newborn when it is born later this summer.


Kevin was just released from the hospital following a same-day surgery. He has no place to call home, and so the transport van drops him off at our Day Shelter. His belongings include a thin wallet, hospital gown, and pants. He is exhausted. DDB Staff welcome him, listen to his situation, and help him to a cot. While Kevin sleeps, our team finds him clothes, calls his caseworker, and puts together emergency shelter options for him. It’s January, and so he stays here in our Night Shelter.


After lunch in the Soup Kitchen, Derek stops in the Day Shelter. He sits downs at the Welcome Desk and says that yesterday’s conversation about rehab really clicked. He tells DDB Staff, “this doesn’t have to be the way my life ends.”

After a phone call to a caseworker, Derek is picked up here and transported to a rehab program, funded by his insurance. It’s his third time to go through this program, but we are hopeful for him. No matter the outcome, DDB will be here to celebrate, or help him once more get to this next step.  

Our Partners

Each partner organization generously supports Downtown Daily Bread on a recurring schedule. We are grateful.

Our Staff

Anne Guenin - Downtown Daily Bread Executive Director

Anne Guenin
Executive Director

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Anthony Jackson - Downtown Daily Bread Shelter Coordinator

Anthony Jackson
Shelter Coordinator

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Bunilda Rosario - Downtown Daily Bread Client Assistant

Brunilda Rosario
Client Assistant

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Christine Patrick
Client Counselor

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Corrie Lingenfelter - Downtown Daily Bread Kitchen Manager

Corrie Lingenfelter
Kitchen Manager

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Danny Martin
Homeless Case Manager

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Dujuan Garnett
Lead Kitchen Assistant

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Ebony Rogers
Night Shelter Assistant

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Karen Purrington
Kitchen Assistant

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Matthew Sposito - Downtown Daily Bread Client Assistant

Matthew Sposito
Shelter Assistant

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Michelle Ortega

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Robert Edmonson
Client Assistant

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Susan Cann - Downtown Daily Bread Director of Development

Susan Cann
Director of Development

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Tonya Miller
Night Shelter Assistant

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Board of Directors

Jay Himes


Jennifer Garman


Alicelyn Sleber


John Klobusicky

Matthew M. Haar

Advisory Committee


Co-Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager
FMA Advisory


McKonly & Asbury


Managing Partner
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP

CHARLES (CHIP) M. WASSON                

Senior Vice President
Market Executive
Northwest Bank


Director of Sales & Marketing
Hilton Hotels & Resorts


Elder and Pastor
New Life Christian Church


Director Talent & Culture
Giant Foods


Retired, Community Health
Penn State Health


Pine Street Presbyterian Church


Executive Director
Downtown Daily Bread

Adult Learning Center (ALC)

Downtown Daily Bread and Pine Street Presbyterian Church partner with Tri-County OIC to provide adult education in our community. Some of these programs are located in the Downtown Daily Bread facility (known as the Boyd Memorial Building) at 234 South Street, and others take place inside Pine Street Presbyterian Church, located at 310 N. Third Street, Harrisburg.

Other services are offered remotely, or at the Tri-County OIC main facility at 500 Maclay Street in Harrisburg. Adult students include those who participate in programs through Tri-County OIC, and those who access services through Downtown Daily Bread. This partnership has benefitted adult learners in the Harrisburg community for more than six years. Students have prepared to take their high school equivalency exams, learned English as a Second Language (ESL), gained important life skills such as culinary and nurse’s aide training, and received instruction in computer and digital literacy. For more information about this program, visit https://tricountyoic.org/. For a schedule of specific classes and more information about adult education, visit https://tricountyoic.org/adult-education/.

Current Hours and Services



12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Monday – Friday

7:00am – 8:00 am

Use side entrance on Willis Street Alley

Day Shelter

7 days/week



Monday-Friday – 7:00am – 3:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday – 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

Use front entrance on 234 South Street



Mail, Showers, Clothing, Assistance

Monday – Friday

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Use front entrance on 234 South Street

Winter Night Shelter for Men

Open November 1 – March 31

7:15 pm

Use front entrance on 234 South Street

Adult Learning Center

Monday – Thursday

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Check with staff for entrance procedure

Do You Need Help?

If you are in immediate need of medical assistance, dial 911. If you are experiencing any other type of crisis OR if it is after hours, please dial 211.

Downtown Daily Bread can help you with the following:

  • Meals
  • Mail delivery
  • Showers
  • Day Shelter (air-conditioned) with cots, phones, computers, and bathrooms
  • Night Shelter
  • Storage lockers
  • Clothing and personal items
  • Case management and counseling
  • Conversation with knowledgeable staff

Frequently Asked Questions

I am hungry. When and where are meals served?

Every day a lunch is served in our Soup Kitchen located at 234 South Street. Use the side entrance on Willis Street alley. Breakfast is served Monday through Friday mornings. Click here for current hours.

What help is available?

Downtown Daily Bread offers:

  • Breakfast and lunch meals
  • Mail delivery
  • Showers and personal hygiene products
  • Air-conditioned, indoor day shelter with cots, phones, computers, and bathrooms, tables, and chairs
  • Storage lockers
  • Clothing and essential items
  • Conversation and support from knowledgeable staff
What is my first step to getting help from Downtown Daily Bread?

Come to the shelter Monday through Friday, and speak with a staff person about your needs. No appointment is needed. We are located at 234 South Street in Harrisburg. Click here for current hours. Please bring a form of ID. If you do not have one, we will assist you in that process.

How do I get help when Downtown Daily Bread is not open?

For non-life-threatening situations, call 211. Managed by United Way of Pennsylvania, 211 allows all residents of Pennsylvania to have access to customized health, housing and human services information in one place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Language services are available.

Do I need to bring a form of ID?

For breakfast and lunch meals, no ID or check-in is required. For all other services, you must complete a brief intake form with a staff member and show us an ID. If you do not have one, we will assist you in that process.

Do you have a place to store belongings at Downtown Daily Bread?

Yes, we have 55 lockers in our building that are assigned to individuals on a short-term basis. To find out about availability, come to the shelter and speak with a staff person Monday through Friday. We are located at 234 South Street in Harrisburg. Click here for current hours.

Can I have my mail delivered to Downtown Daily Bread?

Yes. To get started, come talk with a staff member Monday through Friday. We are located at 234 South Street in Harrisburg. Click here for current hours. Please bring a form of ID. If you do not have one, we will assist you in that process.

When can I pick up my mail?

Mail can be picked up at our building at 234 South Street in Harrisburg any weekday (Monday through Friday) morning. Click here for current hours. We do not check your mail over the phone.

I need clothes. What do I do?

Please come to the shelter Monday through Friday, and speak with a staff member. Click here for current hours.

Get in Touch


If you are interested in volunteering to serve lunch on a weekday at Downtown Daily Bread from 12:00 – 1:00 pm, please send us a message or call us at (717) 238-4717, ext. 122.

Other Information

Fill out our form or give us a call. You must stop by our shelter during our regular hours to access most services.

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    Send a Check

    Please make checks payable to Downtown Daily Bread and mail:

    Downtown Daily Bread
    301 N. Third Street

    Harrisburg, PA 17101

    In-Kind Donations

    Donations of food and essential items are always welcome. Call Downtown Daily Bread at (717) 238-4717, ext. 122 to make an in kind donation. You must call ahead to arrange delivery. 

    Some of our most needed items are identified on our Amazon Wishlist.

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