Homelessness Is Everywhere – February 2013

I see homeless people everywhere.  Is it because of what I do?  Maybe I have a keener sense of what to look for than most people.  I see the human form under the pile of cardboard and debris before any one else.  I see the potential for human habitat under a swaying blanket anchored by cinder blocks and a shopping cart.  I can spot a homeless man or woman sitting on a city street bench, sleeping in the library, or digging for aluminum cans before my companions.  I am well aware of the human condition homelessness. It is the work I do and it follows me wherever I go.


In the past month I visited my children in San Francisco, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Louisville, Kentucky.  The homeless must have followed me there.  I saw them everywhere.  They camped along piers, bridges, on city streets, on park benches, beside fancy restaurants, beside run down bars, outside of playgrounds, and in the city squares.  They huddled around homeless missions (which I try to locate) and around social service agencies designed to help them get off of the streets.


No matter where I go, either in this country or abroad, I always see the homeless.  I suspect they do not follow me.  I know that they live everywhere.  It is just that I cannot help but look at them. To me, they are not invisible.  I try to imagine what their lives are like and what propelled them into the state of “not belonging.” Sometimes the answer appears to be obvious, but in reality it never is that clear. I suspect that I will be looking out for the homeless for the rest of my life. I also suspect that the homeless will always be among us.

-Elaine Strokoff, DDB Executive Director

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