DDB Summer Letter

Dear Friends:

I read an article last month which shed some light on people living poverty. It stressed the effects of financial poverty and the poverty of time.  One always goes with the other.   We tend to think of poverty only in financial terms.  We should also consider the poverty of time.  Pressures caused by a shortage of time can cause stress which reverberates into other parts of life. For many Downtown Daily Bread clients, the demands of the moment often override the demands of the future.  This can, in turn, make the future harder to reach.

People living in poverty face many time constraints.  The rent has to be paid on time or there will be an eviction. The utilities have to be paid on time or there will be a penalty.  Food has to be bought or the children will be hungry.  Which gets paid first: food or utility bill; rent or clothing; gas or telephone?  No sooner than one bill is paid than another comes along. Consider the challenges of paying for all the bills with one or more part time jobs and a minimum wage salary.  Could you do it?

People living in poverty are always doing a juggling act.  They never have the leisure to sit back and take a break.  They are the working poor who make up one-third of the clients who come to Downtown Daily Bread.  They are the hardworking, sometime single parents, who care for their children and grandchildren.  They live with constant stress and pressure trying to make ends meet.  They cannot take a vacation to clear their heads or rest their bodies.  They cannot take a vacation from poverty.

As you enjoy your summer vacation, please think about those less fortunate.  Think about the men and women who eat at Downtown Daily Bread so they can save on their food budget and pay their other bills.   Please remember the children who depend on these hard working parents trying to provide for them.  A $50 tax deductible donation to Downtown Daily Bread will pay for 25 meals ($2 per meal).  One hundred dollars will pay for 50 meals, etc.   Please help us continue to serve the “working poor” as we do the homeless in our community. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.  Have a wonderful summer.

Warm regards,

Elaine Strokoff
Executive Director

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